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tahini rice

One of the fun things about commiting to eat healthy is perusing all the recipes.  This TAHINI RICE recipe is modified from one I found on What Happens in my Kitchen…  I made it with the chickpeas I sprouted (yum yum, scroll down for a pic) and leftover rice/quinoa. It is delicious by itself, or in a wrap (such as a warm corn tortilla). 







1 cup brown rice cooked – I like mine with a handful of quinoa tossed in while it’s cooking
1 cup chickpeas – I like to soak & sprout my own, fresher & healthier than out of the can
handful of tomatoes ,  diced – prefer  the local & organic variety
handful of sundried tomatoes, chopped
couple inches of cucumber, diced – skins removed
handful of almonds (or any kind of nut) – chopped

Mix together in large bowl

1/2 cup tahini
1/4 c  chopped red onion
juice from 1 medium lemon
couple tablespoons water

Whisk together, adding more water (1 tablespoon at a time) if needed

Mix with rice & serve.

These are the beautiful chickpeas I sprouted. I bought them dry at the healthfood store, soaked (about a day), rinsed, sprouted (about a day) & cooked.


so delicious. so easy. bread pudding


1 slice ww sprouted bread  (cubed)
3/4 cups coconut milk
3 tbs honey (or agave)
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp cinnamon
handful raisins
handful cup chopped nuts (I used pecans)


Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Put the bread into a small baking dish(I use pyrex). Stir the remaining ingredients together in a separate bowl and pour over the bread. Stir to mix. I like to sprinkle exta cinnamon on top. Bake for 30 minutes. Serve warm or cool (warm’s the best!)

Perfect for one person.

Vegan Day 6 (Tues)
Breakfast – I am hooked on the grapes & apple-banana. Or maybe it’s just that’s what I have a lot of right now.  So that’s what I had. Again.
Lunch –  1 yam, cubed with green onion, 1 tsp olive oil, baked (while the bread pudding was baking). I wanted to make a salad to go w/it but the greens had gone bad so I’ll have to pick up more this afternoon. Of course I also had half a serving of the delicous bread pudding! YUM-O!
Snack – fruit smoothie w/supplements (the usual  for me are flax oil, coconut oil, acai, maca, bee pollen, chia seed)
Dinner – Tahini Rice! Using yesterday’s leftover brown rice. With quinoa. I threw a handful in for good measure (and protein).  I also have been soaking chickpeas so those will be ready to go. And greens – have got to make some greens.

smoothies n’ sprouts

Weekend menu…. made the Skinny Bitch Asian (vegan) mac’n’chz, it was ok. ya, just ok. Used a whole head of cauliflower, some of it pureed with mustard and other flavors to get the “cheese” sauce. Certainly not Patti LaBelle’s recipe.  Ate leftovers incl the SB Curried Chickpea Cakes.  I finally picked up some dried garbanzos, which reminds me I need to go soak and sprout them. I found a bunch of chickpea recipes to try on this new blog I found – What happens in my kitchen…. I’m doing pretty well w/the vegan diet (this time not raw) and experimenting with some new recipes. Some new ones I want to try are  this Banana Fig Smoothie and this Pumpkin Smoothie (minus the egg). Smoothies are the way to go. Especially in the Vitamix. oh yeah

SOAKING & SPROUTING (from Ani’s Raw Food Essentials, pg 24)
“The easiest way I soak is to simply place nuts & seeds into at least double the amount of filtered water overnight. In the am, I rinse the nuts & seeds well and discard the soaking water. If you really want to get into it, there are specific soaking times for different seeds & nuts, but I like taking the easiest route possible. [see page 25 in Ani’s Raw Essentials book]
I find it easiest to drain soaked nuts & seeds through a fine-mesh sieve after rinsing. To sprout them, I’ll keep them in the sieve, balanced over a bowl or container, until I see a small tail starting to sprout. Depending on the nut or seed, this can take from hours to days. I run water over the sieve to rinse the nuts or seeds a few times throughout the day.
The benefits of soaking & sprouting is that this begins the germination process in the dormant nut or seed, making it easier to digest and converting the carbohydrates to protein. ”

Sprouting and rinsing in the sieve

Sprouted and ready to use!

Vegan Day 5 (Monday)
Breakfast – grapes & an apple-banana
Snack – soy latte
Lunch – brown rice w/veggies
Dinner – smoothie, avo sammie or leftovers?

local legend

Andy Irons. I didn’t know him. And I’m not on my toes when it comes to knowing who’s who in the surfing world.  So if you would have asked me two weeks ago who he was, I probably wouldn’t have known.  One thing has been made very clear to me in the recent weeks. Andy was very well loved in the community I call home. There is an outpouring of sympathy and support, signage and symbolism. I cannot help but to feel sadness for his wife (7 mos pregnant), his family, friends, fellow surfers and the many children who looked up to him.  The energy of loss of this local legend is in the air. Not only was he a top pro surfer, but he sounds like he was a really good all around guy too. He and his brother held a youth surfing competition each year, right on the shores where I take my regular beach walks.
Today was the local celebration of his life. He was a north shore Kauai boy, and the services were in my own backyard.  I’m not sure how many attended, but reports were of several thousand. It was an amazing thing to witness. Beautiful, powerful, serene. May he rest peacefully and may his wife find strength, and comfort with the birth of their upcoming baby boy.
This video shows a cool aerial view of the paddle out
Here’s a beautiful video from the perspective of a surfer
Images from around town and during the services today
Crossing the bridge coming into Hanalei town

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RIP Andy Irons.

trying again.

Here we go. I tried to go raw vegan a month or two ago. It didn’t work.  This time I’m going vegan for 10 days. Not coke & chips kinda vegan, healthy vegan. Real recipes, delicious food. And some cooking. Face it, I love good food and I love to cook. I also love to be healthy. So come along with me on this journey while exploring new recipes and cooking techniques.

I’ve been vegetarian since before I can remember and cheese has always been my weakness. I’m armed with some new cookbooks to try out now and I’ll be keeping a log. I will try to do 50% raw since I know so many of the nutrients are lost once a food is cooked.

The curried chickpea cakes were really easy to make, though mental note to pickup some dry garbanzos next time I’m at the healthfood market – would be even better  sprouted I bet. And I used the pre-made bread crumbs. Next time I’d make my own in the vitamix.

Day 1 (Thurs)
breakfast – grapes
lunch – salad bar (green, quinoa, grilled tofu)
afternoon snack – 1 slice spouted bread with 1/4 avocado
dinnercurried chickpea  cakes – from a new cookbook: Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Recipes by Kim Barnouin  –> YUM-O, only thing different I might toss in a handful of blackbeans

sprouted bread is a form of bread made from whole grains that have been allowed to sprout, that is germinated.  You can find it at most grocery stores, sometimes in the refrigerated section. Benefits of sprouted bread: When grains, seeds and nuts are germinated, their nutritional content changes and, as they are generally not cooked, they retain their natural plant enzymes.  These enzymes are beneficial for helping the digestion of the seeds and nuts in the digestive tract.  As well as retaining the enzymes, they also retain the nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed by cooking.  Sprouted grains, seeds and nuts also encourage the growth of good bacteria, help to keep the colon clean, and are high in protective antioxidants. –> see this article for more info.

Day 2 (Fri)
breakfast – grapes & an apple-banana
lunch – leftover curried chickpea cakes
snack – vitamix smoothie (whatever fruits & veggies I have on hand)
dinner – vegan mac n cheese (also from SB Ultimate ED Recipes) – she says it’s good, I’m skeptical but will get back to ya….
Sauteed swiss chard
Lemon creme desserts