smoothies n’ sprouts

Weekend menu…. made the Skinny Bitch Asian (vegan) mac’n’chz, it was ok. ya, just ok. Used a whole head of cauliflower, some of it pureed with mustard and other flavors to get the “cheese” sauce. Certainly not Patti LaBelle’s recipe.  Ate leftovers incl the SB Curried Chickpea Cakes.  I finally picked up some dried garbanzos, which reminds me I need to go soak and sprout them. I found a bunch of chickpea recipes to try on this new blog I found – What happens in my kitchen…. I’m doing pretty well w/the vegan diet (this time not raw) and experimenting with some new recipes. Some new ones I want to try are  this Banana Fig Smoothie and this Pumpkin Smoothie (minus the egg). Smoothies are the way to go. Especially in the Vitamix. oh yeah

SOAKING & SPROUTING (from Ani’s Raw Food Essentials, pg 24)
“The easiest way I soak is to simply place nuts & seeds into at least double the amount of filtered water overnight. In the am, I rinse the nuts & seeds well and discard the soaking water. If you really want to get into it, there are specific soaking times for different seeds & nuts, but I like taking the easiest route possible. [see page 25 in Ani’s Raw Essentials book]
I find it easiest to drain soaked nuts & seeds through a fine-mesh sieve after rinsing. To sprout them, I’ll keep them in the sieve, balanced over a bowl or container, until I see a small tail starting to sprout. Depending on the nut or seed, this can take from hours to days. I run water over the sieve to rinse the nuts or seeds a few times throughout the day.
The benefits of soaking & sprouting is that this begins the germination process in the dormant nut or seed, making it easier to digest and converting the carbohydrates to protein. ”

Sprouting and rinsing in the sieve

Sprouted and ready to use!

Vegan Day 5 (Monday)
Breakfast – grapes & an apple-banana
Snack – soy latte
Lunch – brown rice w/veggies
Dinner – smoothie, avo sammie or leftovers?


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