tahini rice

One of the fun things about commiting to eat healthy is perusing all the recipes.  This TAHINI RICE recipe is modified from one I found on What Happens in my Kitchen…  I made it with the chickpeas I sprouted (yum yum, scroll down for a pic) and leftover rice/quinoa. It is delicious by itself, or in a wrap (such as a warm corn tortilla). 







1 cup brown rice cooked – I like mine with a handful of quinoa tossed in while it’s cooking
1 cup chickpeas – I like to soak & sprout my own, fresher & healthier than out of the can
handful of tomatoes ,  diced – prefer  the local & organic variety
handful of sundried tomatoes, chopped
couple inches of cucumber, diced – skins removed
handful of almonds (or any kind of nut) – chopped

Mix together in large bowl

1/2 cup tahini
1/4 c  chopped red onion
juice from 1 medium lemon
couple tablespoons water

Whisk together, adding more water (1 tablespoon at a time) if needed

Mix with rice & serve.

These are the beautiful chickpeas I sprouted. I bought them dry at the healthfood store, soaked (about a day), rinsed, sprouted (about a day) & cooked.


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