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Andy Irons. I didn’t know him. And I’m not on my toes when it comes to knowing who’s who in the surfing world.  So if you would have asked me two weeks ago who he was, I probably wouldn’t have known.  One thing has been made very clear to me in the recent weeks. Andy was very well loved in the community I call home. There is an outpouring of sympathy and support, signage and symbolism. I cannot help but to feel sadness for his wife (7 mos pregnant), his family, friends, fellow surfers and the many children who looked up to him.  The energy of loss of this local legend is in the air. Not only was he a top pro surfer, but he sounds like he was a really good all around guy too. He and his brother held a youth surfing competition each year, right on the shores where I take my regular beach walks.
Today was the local celebration of his life. He was a north shore Kauai boy, and the services were in my own backyard.  I’m not sure how many attended, but reports were of several thousand. It was an amazing thing to witness. Beautiful, powerful, serene. May he rest peacefully and may his wife find strength, and comfort with the birth of their upcoming baby boy.
This video shows a cool aerial view of the paddle out
Here’s a beautiful video from the perspective of a surfer
Images from around town and during the services today
Crossing the bridge coming into Hanalei town

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RIP Andy Irons.