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envelope liners

Envelope Liners – they are easier to make than you think!  I learned how to make these tasteful liners about a year ago.  They are simple and add a nice touch, enabling you to coordinate the accent design in your card with the envelopes. Given that I love to make handmade cards, I’m hooked on this accessory!

Start by purchasing an envelope template kit. Paper Source sells them pretty inexpensive – $11 and includes templates for several size envelopes.

Select your envelope & liners – I use wrapping paper. I like Paper Source because they have card & envelope stock which match many of the wrapping paper colors.

Lay the template over the wrapping paper & cut. The liner does not need to reach the bottom of the envelope as it will not be seen, adds weight & uses extra paper. You can either cut with an x-acto knife or scissors. When making in bulk, I’ll fold the paper into stacks of 4 or so, and mass produce. I find that the x-acto knife sometimes leaves a bit of a jagged edge (maybe only noticable by me), so I’ve switched recently to scissors. Easier and goes faster also.

Once cut, slide into the envelope and line up just under the seal. fold the top down to make a crease.  Open & apply adhesive. I usually use a glue stick. Quick, easy and inexpensive. I’ve also used double sided tape in a pinch tho be sure to use the permanent kind so that it sticks well. Elmers glue is my last choice since it’s a bit messy, but it illustrates the placement.

Seal & ta-da! You’ve got a beautifully lined envelope to go with your potentially matching  handmade card.